FISC Foundation: financing children´s urgent orthopaedic surgery programme; and sanitary intervention on pregnant women and their newborn babies, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

FISC Cooperation and Development Foundation was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals that have devoted their time and economic resources to the cooperation with the Southern Hemisphere. They are focused in two regions: Peru, in Southamerica, and Democratic Republic of Congo, in Africa. Since then, many social inniciatives have been carried out:

  • 35 projects have been finished in different areas of Peru, concerning education, social development, health and nutrition. They are currently supporting 7 programmes that will finish in the next months or in the following years.
  • In Democratic Republic of Congo they have been able to accomplish 39 projects, on education (building schools or providing school and college grants), for setting drinking water infrastructures, health, nutrition or the improvement of medical attention. They are currently sorting out and developing another 11 projects for the next months or years.

In 2015, the Carmen Gandarias Foundation has approved to finance a children´s urgent orthopaedic surgery programme at the Monkole Hospital in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. The project has included two types of surgeries: orthopaedic and malformations surgery that allows solving congenital malformations which contribute to the kids growing without an important physical disability. And mayor surgeries for pathologies with vital risk, such as abdominal complications of infectious pathology, urogenital malformation, severe inguinal hernias, and non-severe digestive malformations in neonate.

35 children have been operated, whose families do not have the necessary resources to pay for the treatment. Kids belonging to single mothers will be prioritized, since they are considered to be more vulnerable. Each year Monkole hospital operates on 80 to 100 children from families without resources, surgeries that are financed by international donors.

Evaluating the impact of this project, the children surgery programme has not only will benefitted the affected children, but their families as well, releasing mothers or sisters from their daily care of those children, females will therefore have time to develop a job or a business to economically help the family, as the caring burden of disabled family members is normally assumed by women in Africa.

In four yeras, from 2016 to 2019, the Carmen Gandarias Foundation has approved a project supporting 150 pregnant women, in social exclusion situation, in the city of Kinshasa, DR Congo. The project includes pregnancy monitoring and birth medical assitance for mothers and newborn babies. The Foundation also supports the neonatal nursery, when necessary.

Infant mortality and maternal death rates on birth are among the highest in the world in Democratic Republic Of Congo: 28 out of 1,000 children and 846 out of 100,000 women die on labour. This project, vhich is part of an extensive programme developed in Monkole Hospital, Kinshasa, will help women and their children to deal with birth in more secure situation.